What Type Of Rider Are You?
What Type Of Bike Do You Ride?

Click on the image that best describes your riding style - or the type of bike you'd like to protect against theft.
Hexlox can protect virtually any part on your bike against theft - Wheels, Saddle & Seat post, Stem, Handlebar, Pedals, Lamps & Lights - and more...
Hexlox - The world's smartest anti-theft system for bike parts

We at Hexlox ride to work - every day - and during the weekend most of us are out exploring local roads, trails (and cafés 😉 ).

Hexlox is a Berlin-based bike security company. Our anti-theft system for bike parts is designed and manufactured in security conscious Germany. We understand the special needs of all types of bikers when it comes to protecting their bike parts against theft.

Biking to work is a choice and a way of life for you. Public transport is not your thing and you would never go back to sitting in traffic - ever again

eMobility, yes please! eBikes are the future and you are enjoying your new freedom, exploring your neighbourhood and beyond...

The perfect bike for you is something that takes you from A to B with minimal fuss. Biking should be fun, relaxed and easy - we agree.

A shiny new toy - What's not to love? We know the feeling of wanting the best-of-the-best, seriously!

Bombing down a steep descent or picking your line through a sketchy single track, it doesn't get any better. The dirtier the better.  

Less is more! Looking good is important for you - and your bike of choice is a minimalist fixie or single speed. We speak Fixie - with an Italian accent!

Wild landscapes and rugged trails - open to explore with a just a few necessities strapped onto your gravel steed. This is Gravel at it's best.

From aero gains, Strava posts and saving a few watts to chatty, social rides on the weekends. We at Hexlox love the open road. Speed is everything.

Dropping off at daycare and school, then off to work and doing the shopping on the way home. Cargo bikes are like hard working family members.