MTB in forest with Saddle lock

Select Which Part Of Your MTB You'd Like To Protect Against Theft

Bombing down a steep descent or picking your line on a sketchy single track, it doesn't get any better than this.
The dirtier the better.

Single tracks or rugged fire roads in the outback, this is your playground. The dirtier the better.

At Hexlox we have colleagues who ride MTB's to work - every day - or exploring during the weekend, so rest assured that we understand what specific challenges, and questions MTB riders have.

Protect Your MTB Wheels Against Theft

Hexlox can protect any type of wheel,

whether you have Quick Release, Nut or Thru-Axle wheels.

Protect Your Saddle & Seat Post - and more  
Against Theft

Hexlox can protect your Saddle, Seat Post, Handlebar, Stem and virtually anything else on your bike, that is fastened with a hex bolt.