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Hexlox is an Award winning
Anti-theft system for bike parts
- smart & good looking

Hexlox Key with a 6 mm Hexlox

The Hexlox is a small stainless coded insert that fits into the already existing hex bolts on your clients bikes.

By inserting the Hexlox you block access to the hex bolt so any potential thief, equipped with a hex wrench, simply cannot unfasten the bolt and steal their parts.

The Hexlox is fastened and unfastened mechanically with the matching coded key, but held in place magnetically.

Hexlox can not be removed with a magnet, no matter how big or strong, since the magnet inside the Hexlox is shielded in the "outside" direction - making the Hexlox magnetic only in the "inside" direction.

We're really proud of the awards we have won - the latest was BikeBiz "Innovation from a Newcomer" 2019

total ANY-bike-part security.
secure wheels, seatposts, saddles, pedals and more - in 3 sec

Bike protected against theft with Hexlox System

Our beautiful and functional Hex Skewers, Hexnuts, Thru Axles and Seat Post Boltscan protect any part on your customers bikes.

In seconds the wheels, saddles, seatposts, stems and anything else which is fastened with a hex bolt will be protectedagainst theft.

We also offer ready-made sets for certain brands and models which makes it easier to manage your stock.

As a B2B customer you will get access to our B2B webspace where you can easily order parts and manage your inventory.

Hexlox simply works! This is the feedback we most often get and it confirms all of our claims.

Hexlox is designed and manufactured in security conscious germany
- sold all over the world

World map showing where Hexlox Anti-Theft system is sold

Hexlox is an established and innovative Berlin-based bike security company with global reach.

Before going to market via a Kickstarter campaign in 2016 our founders spent several years refining the design and concept before taking it to market.

Hexlox is designed and manufactured in Germany and we are constantly working on refining and developing our concept.

Our aim is to strike a balance of high quality, excellent customer service, and competitive pricing.

We are trusted by major brands like Canyon, Crankbrothers, Schindelhauer and Urwahn, selling
to 63 countries and represented by over 500 retailers worldwide

Offer your customers peace of mind.

Real-life bike protection - Approved by real people

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