Size Guide Hexnut

How to measure which Hexnut you need.
TIP: If some part of your axle sticks out, then you do not need to remove the wheel nut to measure the axle

Measuring wheel nuts for Hexnut bike wheel lock
Measuring wheel nuts for Hexnut bike wheel lock
Most Front Wheels use M9 [9mm axle diameter] If your Front Wheel Nut fits your rear wheel or its for VanMoof, Miche and DuraAce, use M10 [10mm axle diameter] For vintage bikes please double check. 3/8 [9.52mm axle diameter] is rarely used. Best to check your axle diameter.

Most Rear Wheels use M10x1mm [10mm axle diameter]
Fits all Single Speed and Fixed rear wheels.
Also suitable for Rohloff, Bion-X, NuVinci, VanMoof Front and Rear, Miche Front and Rear, DuraAce Front and Rear. (not compatible with Sturmey-Archer rear hubs, as these are non metric)

3/8 - Alfine/Nexus [9.52mm axle diameter, 3/8' x 26tpi]

Our Hexnut is threaded exactly the same as your existing wheel nut. It tightens with a 6mm Allen Key / Hex Wrench Once the HexNut is installed, secure against theft with a 6mm Hexlox.
Only 1 Hexnut per wheel is required for full security.