Road Bike Wheel Lock by Hexlox

Select Which Parts Of Your ROAD Bike You'd Like To Protect Against Theft

From aero gains, Strava posts and saving a few watts to chatty, social rides on the weekends.
We at Hexlox love the open road. Speed is everything.

Do you really need to protect your wheels, saddle & seat post on a road bike since most roadies haul their road bikes up the stairs into their apartments, or keep the bike safely behind bars in their garage? (We do that too...)

Here at Hexlox we believe that is still a good idea - especially if you use your road bike to commute to work.

Protect Your Wheels Against Theft

Hexlox can protect any type of wheel.- Quick Release, Nut or Thru-Axle wheels.

Protect Saddle & Seat post - and more...

Hexlox can protect your Saddle, Seat Post, Handlebar, Stem and virtually anything else on your bike, that is fastened with a steel hex bolt.