Gravel Bike Thru-axle with Wheel Lock

Select Which Parts Of Your gravel Bike You'd Like To Protect Against Theft

exploring Wild landscapes and rugged trails (or just new corners in your neighbourhood) - with a just a few necessities strapped onto your gravel steed. This is Gravel at it's best.

Gravel riding is red hot right now and we understand why. A gravel bike is uniquely positioned to become your go-anywhere and do-anything bike.

Commuting to work? Check! Fast weekend group ride? Check! Exploring new corners in the outback? Check! A leisurely café ride? Check!

A gravel bike will probably be the most capable bike you'll ever get. Rest assured that we speak gravel!

Protect Your Wheels Against Theft

Hexlox can protect any type of wheel, whether you have Quick Release, Nut or Thru-axle wheels.

Protect Saddle & Seat Post - And Much More

Hexlox can protect your Saddle, Seat Post, Handle Bar, Stem and virtually anything else on your bike, that is fastened with a hex bolt.