Cargo bike with wheels and saddler secured against theft

Protect the parts on Any Cargo Bike Against Theft - with hexlox

Dropping off at daycare and school, then off to work and doing the shopping on the way home. On The weekend a picnic with family and friends. Cargo bikes are hard working family members...
Protect them against theft with Hexlox.

At Hexlox we love cargo bikes and we ride quite a few of them - both in private and for business. There are so many reasons why cargo bikes have exploded in popularity recently - electric motors coupled with the large volume hauling capacity being one of them. Kids, dogs, groceries, you name it... A cargo bike can handle almost anything.

There are a few brands that instantly come to mind of course. Yuba, Bullitt, Surly, Gazelle, Omnium, Douze Cycles, Babboe, Riese & Müller, Tern... And we're just getting started. At Hexlox we have yet not come across a cargo bike that we cannot secure the parts on.

Even if you might not see your particular bike brand here we are absolutely confident that we can put together a package that will suit your individual needs - just shoot us an email at


Tern cargo bike with Saddle and Seat Post lock


Urban Arrow Cargo bike wheel lock

Urban Arrow

Riese & Müller Cargo bike secured against theft with Hexlox

Riese & Müller

Yuba bike Hexlox anti-theft system for bike parts


Surly Cargo Bike with parts secured against theft by hexlox


Gazelle Cargo Bike Wheel Lock


Omnium Cargo Bike saddle and Seat Post Lock