Ahh... Brooks Saddles... Is there any other brand that is more synonym with class, workmanship and a certain British style? Brooks England belong to a very select group of brands such as Burberry, Louis Vuitton or Prada which unfortunately mean you need to be realistic and consider the risk of theft. It only takes an individual equipped with a Allen Tool a few seconds to steal your Brooks saddle and/or stem.

Hexlox has the solution to this!

If your Brooks saddle and/or seat post are using hex bolts, simply insert a Hex Tool / Allen Key to find out which size Hexlox you need.

If you have a quick releaseor nuton your seat-post, you need to change it to our Universal Seat Post Bolt.

If you have a Guts Clamp on your Brooks Saddle, you need to choose our Guts Clamp Replacement Bolt.

Are your bolts magnetic? If they are NOT magnetic you need to complete your order with the Hexlox Magnetic Insert.

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The perfect set to protect your Brooks Saddle and Seat Post from theft.

With two Hexlox you can secure the bolt under your Brooks Saddle and the seat post clamp bolt. To select which size you need, use a normal Hex Tool or Allen Key and insert it into the bolts you want to secure.

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Do you have a Guts Clamp on your Brooks Saddle?

If you have a Guts Clamp on your Brooks Saddle, this item will make it possible to use Hexlox. With our specially designed M8 stainless steel security nut and 60mm bolt. For this one please choose a 5mm Hexlox.

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Do you have an IntegratedSeat-Post Clamp and/or Seat Post Clamp with a Quick Release lever?

If you do have a Hex Bolt, but the head is exposed so it could be loosened by a pair of pliers, and you are in a high risk area, we suggest to replace it.