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***Black*** Single Hexlox 5mm

The Hexlox Black 5mm, with Diamond-Like-Carbon coating is a small, stainless steel insert that offers the highest grade of security against bike-part theft - instantly. For that cool, minimalist, Berlin street look.

(Hexlox works with magnetic bolts. If your bolt is non-magnetic, see our Hexlox for Non-Magnetic bolts.)

Simply insert your Hexlox into any magnetic (steel) hex bolt you want to protect - this effectively blocks access to your bolt for a potential thief equipped with a hex tool/Allen key.

Together with the Hexlox Key - and your personal and secret Hexlox Key Code - Hexlox can protect your wheels, saddle, seat post, stem, pedals and more, against theft.

  • 1 x 5mm Hexlox Black - without Hexlox Key

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    Confidently park your bike in public places

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