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Protect your Land Rover Defender Parts Against Theft

Secure Virtually Any Steel Hex Bolt On Your Defender Against Tampering
- In Less Than 3 Seconds.

The Problem

Land Rover owners, unfortunately, have to deal with a real and quite expensive problem. Well organized thieves, quickly stripping Defenders of their parts and stealing them. In fact, anyone equipped with a regular Allen Key/Hex tool could loosen any hex bolt and make off with your parts.

We're sure you've heard about this from other Defender owners or read about this in Defender forums. (The Defender doors are especially vulnerable since their bolts/hinges are so easily accessible.)

Hexlox addresses this problem, offering a small and very elegant solution to instantly protect virtually any steel hex bolt against unauthorized tampering.

We also offer our very own Hex Bolts - in case you'd like to protect/replace the equally vulnerable Torx bolts (see the video above)

The Hexlox Solution

The Hexlox is a small, stainless steel insert that protects virtually any steel hex bolt on the market - against tampering - instantly.

Simply insert your Hexlox into any steel hex bolt you want to protect - this effectively blocks access to your bolt for a potential thief equipped with a hex tool/Allen key.

Together with the Hexlox Key - and your personal and secret Hexlox Code - the Hexlox can protect anything on your Defender that is fastened with a hex bolt.

The "genius" aspect of the already very smart Hexlox Anti-Theft System is that you do not need to replace any of your hex bolts. Hexlox can protect with virtually any steel hex bolts on the market against tampering.

It's really that simple!

hexlox coded key

(without hexlox)

Get the Hexlox Key

Steel bolts - Hexlox -Ready

Replace your bolts with Hexlox-Ready bolts - Add a Hexox - Done!

Get Hexlox-Ready bolts

How hexlox works

The Hexlox is a small stainless steel insert that fits into the already existing steel hex bolts, on your Land Rover Defender. By inserting the Hexlox you block access to the hex bolt so any potential thief, equipped with a hex wrench, simply cannot unfasten the bolt and steal your parts.

The Hexlox is inserted and removed mechanically - with the Hexlox Key - but held in place magnetically. However, Hexlox can not be removed with a magnet, no matter how big or strong it is since the magnet inside the Hexlox is shielded in the "outside" direction - making the Hexlox magnetic only in the "inside" direction. That's how Hexlox cannot be removed with a magnet from the outside but still holds in place in the bolt.

The Hexlox insert and the Hexlox Key are paired together with your personal & secret Hexlox Key Code. This means that the Hexlox Key works with the Hexlox very much like the key you use in your front door.

Insert a hex tool into each bolt you'd like to secure, to determine which size Hexlox you need. You also need to use a magnet to determine if your bolts are magnetic - or *not.

*If your hex bolt is non-magnetic (Titanium, Aluminum, Stainless Steel) you need to add ourHexlox Magnetic Insert to your order.

Torx bolts are equally vulnerable to theft as hex bolts. To secure parts fastened with torx bolts simply replace the torx bolts with our special hex bolts.

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