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We get up in the morning to do our best work. We know that what we offer at Hexlox is appreciated by bike riders - all over the world.
That makes all the difference for us.

Hexlox was founded by our desire to find a smart and easy system to secure all the parts on our bikes,
 primarily our saddles and wheels. We tried most of the other products on the 
market but there were no total solutions. The core insight, that sparked the Hexlox innovation, was that bike fasteners (nuts&bolts) are so specialized, so why change them?

Developing this insight resulted in that Hexlox easily fits into your existing bolts on your bike, forming an invisible security system.

 Other systems can't tighten/torque well enough, or you need to replace lots of
 bolts, making it a hassle to install. On top of this most are not particularly attractive.
Hexlox is the result 
of thousands of hours of riding, testing and R&D.
 Hexlox are 100% CNC machined and assembled in Germany.
 The Hexlox range now includes over 30 products. 

The team at Hexlox is headed up by Marcus (CEO & Founder) - a Swedish serial entrepreneur with an unwavering love for bikes and
 sports. Having lived and worked in England, Japan, Germany and Israel, coupled with his 15 year+ experience in business development, sales and marketing. At his side he has a multicultural team in all areas of expertise to fulfill his vision.