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Employee Benefit Bike Program

Hexlox Employee Benefit Program

People that move, makes happy employees. 
At Hexlox we think that everyone should ride a bike. Its better for the environment, its better for the cities and its better for you. We are constantly approached by employee benefit programs that ask if we can help their employees get on bikes. As much as we would love to have our own bike, we don't yet. What we offer is the best way to protect your bicycle parts from theft. Our bicycle locks protects which secure saddle locks, wheel locks, pedal locks and more.  The Hexlox Employee Benefit Program is designed to give companies the chance to offer Hexlox for a discount so that their employees can easily get the protection they need. By offering the employees the chance to get Hexlox for a reduced price the usage of bike used in the company will go up. Riding with a bike to the office means doing something for yourself, your body and your mind. Its also of course great for the environment. 

Contact us today on benefitprogram@hexlox.com to integrate our offer into your employee benefit program. Now stop reading on the internet and get out there and ride :-)!

The Hexlox Team.