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Airlok Hex Bolt Security Set

We love Hiplok's Airlok - it's a stunning marriage of design and functionality.

However, once you have hammered in the ball bearings into the sockets the Airlok is stuck there!

Imagine you made a slight error and it sits crooked on the wall 😱  Or you want to move the Airlok to a more practical spot. There is no way to remove it (unless you take a jack-hammer to the wall itself)

The Hexlox Airlok Hex Bolt Protection Set solves this problem, with our typical emphasis on elegant flexibility and ease of use. Instead of a hammered-in ball bearing, you simply insert the Hexlox. Done!

Equally secure - more flexible


  • The Airlok Hex Bolt Protection Set includes:

    2 x Hexlox 6mm

    1 x Hexlox Key

    1 x Hexlox key Card - Contains your personal & secret Hexlox Key Code