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Pedal Security Set

Do pedals get stolen? Yes, really!  Especially if you have some tricked-out, blinged-out pedals - perhaps you even have a very expensive power meter installed on them.

Our Hexlox Pedal Set takes care of this problem and secures your pedals against theft.

Come to think of it - even if you don't have expensive pedals it still sucks to have them stolen! Just try to bike home without them...


  • The Hexlox Pedal Set includes:

    2 x Hexlox 8mm

    1 x Hexlox Key

    1 x Hexlox Key Card - Contains your personal & secret Hexlox Key Code

    Precision engineering, Made in Germany

    Confidently park your bike in public places

    Super friendly, fast, and knowledgeable support. Powered by real people, who ride to work