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Size Guide Hexnut

How to measure which Hexnut will fit on your axle.
TIP: If your axle sticks out and is visible, you do not need to remove the wheel nut to measure the axle. Use a caliper for the most exact measurement  (eventually you can use a qualite ruler)

Measure your axle correctly - like this
Most Front Wheels use M9 [9mm axle diameter] If your Front Wheel Nut fits your rear wheel or its for VanMoof, Miche and DuraAce, use M10 [10mm axle diameter] For vintage bikes please double check. 3/8 [9.52mm axle diameter] is rarely used. Best to check your axle diameter.

Most Rear Wheels use M10x1mm [10mm axle diameter]
Fits all Single Speed and Fixed rear wheels.
Also suitable for Rohloff, Bion-X, NuVinci, VanMoof Front and Rear, Miche Front and Rear, DuraAce Front and Rear. (not compatible with Sturmey-Archer rear hubs, as these are non metric)

3/8 - Alfine/Nexus [9.52mm axle diameter, 3/8' x 26tpi]

Our Hexnut is threaded exactly the same as your existing wheel nut. It tightens with a 6mm Allen Key / Hex Wrench Once the HexNut is installed, secure against theft with a 6mm Hexlox.
Only 1 Hexnut per wheel is required for full security.