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Just 3 simple questions please

Magnetic - Or not? Are the hex bolts magnetic - or not? Just grab a normal fridge magnet to figure that out 😉 For non-magnetic bolts (Aluminum, Titanium, Stainless Steel) you need to pick our Hexlox For Non-Magnetic Bolts

How Many Bolts? - How many hex bolts on your saddle? (We recommend that you secure all bolts under the saddle)

Which Size? - Use a hex wrench/Allen Key to determine the size of the Hexlox you need. If a 4mm Allen key fits in the socket you need to get a Hexlox 4mm, etc. You also need to add a Hexlox Key to your order.

Last question - Black or silver?

Don’t forget that you need to protect both the saddle and the seat post. Even if the Saddle is secured a thief could easily remove the seat post - with the saddle 🤔. Click here to go back to the Saddle & Seat Post options page.

Still need some help picking the right product?