Bike protected against theft with Hexlox System

Select Which Part Of Your Commuter Bike You'd Like To Protect Against Theft

commuting to work is a CONSCIOUS choice of yours. Public transport is... not really your thing. you would never go back to sitting in traffic - ever again

Let's face it - Commuting to work is great fun! Yes, really...

Apart from the fun-factor it is truly a great gift to get some time just for yourself - there is no better way to start the day. The stillness of the early morning sets the tone. Quite possibly the commute will be the only alone-time you will get. Time for yourself - what a luxury!

Going back home you'll have time to process the impressions of the day, sorting them out. Your mind will wander a bit and sometimes flashes of great insights will hit you - yes, what we describe here is somewhat like therapy, or even meditation.

At Hexlox we ride to work - every day - so we understand the special needs and the challenges you - as a bike commuter - face.


Hexlox can protect any type of wheel, whether you have Quick Release, Nut or Thru-axle wheels.

Saddle & Seat post

Hexlox can protect your Saddle, Seat post and virtually anything else on your bike, that is fastened with a hex bolt.