Bike Wheel Security Set

The Hexlox Bike Wheel Security Set is the absolutely easiest way to instantly protect the wheels on your bike - against theft. With impeccable, minimalistic Berlin style!

*Depending on how your wheels are fastened to the bike you need an add-on product:

Quick Release Skewers - For wheels fastened with quick-release skewers. Replace your skewers with our Hexlox Security Skewers

Nuts - For wheels fastened with Nuts. Replace your wheel nuts with our HexNuts

Thru Axles - For wheels fastened with thru axlesReplace your thru-axles with our Hexlox Universal Thru Axle
    • The Hexlox Bike Wheel Security Set contains:

      2 x Hexlox - Choose size

      1 x Hexlox Key

      1 x Hexlox Key Card - Contains your personal & secret Hexlox Key Code

      Precision engineering, Made in Germany

      Confidently park your bike in public places

      Super friendly, fast, and knowledgeable support. Powered by real people, who ride to work

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