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Single Speed / Fixed Gear Security Wheel Nut Set

Riding a Fixie or Single Speed? Concerned about theft?

The Hexnut is a high-security nut, that, together with a Hexlox 6mm and a Hexlox Key, offersthe highest grade of security against theft of bike parts.With that cool Berlin street-style.

Simply replace your current wheel nuts with our Single Speed/Fixie Set and confidently park your bike in public places.

  • 2 x Hexnut - one per wheel (for security) or 4 x Hexnut - two per wheel (for security & symmetry)

    2 x Hexlox Silver 6mm - one per wheel (for security)or 4 x Hexlox 6mm  - two per wheel (for security & symmetry)

    1 x Hexlox Key

    1 x Hexlox Key Card

    Precision engineering, Made in Germany

    Confidently park your bike in public places

    Super friendly, fast, and knowledgeable support. Powered by real people, who ride to work