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XL Skewer - for Fat Bikes, Trailers, Mud guards - and other wheel attachments

Fat Bike wheels, Trailers, Mud Guards, and other wheel attachments can easily get stolen if you don't protect them properly. The Hexlox XL Security Skewer offers the highest grade of security against bike-part theft!

True bolt measurement: 180mm (Inside of head to tip of bolt)
Max. usable width = 167mm (outside to outside of fork)

The trailer skewer can also be used with a special shield and nut.
These shield and nut do not have a 'tooth'.
This is for use on mudguards or trailer adapter.

*see Tips & How-To-Choose tab for more technical info

  • 1 x Hexlox XL Security Skewer - Silver or Black, with/or without Hexlox, with/or without Hexlox Key - Your choice.

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