Cannondale Lefty and deep allen key slots

Do you have a Cannondale Lefty? Concerned about wheel theft? 

Hexlox can help you with that. The Hexlox Lefty is a small, stainless steel insert that can protect your Cannondale *Lefty against wheel theft - instantly.

Simply Insert the Hexlox into the hex bolt - this effectively blocks access to your bolt for a potential thief equipped with a hex tool/Allen key.

Together with the Hexlox Key - and your personal and secret Hexlox Key Code - the Hexlox Lefty protects your wheel against theft.

 *The Hexlox Lefty might fit some derailleurs - or other parts - where the hex bolt socket depth is extra deep

  • 1 x Hexlox Lefty 50, or 60 - choose your length

    1 x Hexlox Keycard, which contains your personal & secret Hexlox KeyCode

    Precision engineering, Made in Germany

    Confidently park your bike in public places

    Super friendly, fast, and knowledgeable support. Powered by real people, who ride to work

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