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Saddle & Seat Post Security Gift Pack

Yes, we know what it's like... No gift ideas and that birthday - or anniversary - is coming up fast... Really fast.

But, don't despair, we at Hexlox have your back with this Saddle & Seat Post Gift Pack that will fit any bike.

Also, rest assured that our knowledgeable, friendly and helpful support team will help you out in case you have any questions about what will fit, on what.

  • The Hexlox Saddle & Seat Post Gift Pack will be delivered in an attractive Hexlox Gift Box and contains:

    3 x Hexlox 5mm

    1 x Hexlox 4mm

    5 x Seat Post Steel Bolts for all setups

    1 x Coded Hexlox Key

    1 x Hexlox Keycard - Contains your personal & secret Hexlox KeyCode