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Eclipse by Bookman - Clip-On light for biking, running, walking...

We at Hexlox take safety and security very seriously. One of the easiest ways to stay safe during any activity in traffic is to wear a small clip-on light. Even in the summer, and yes, even during the daytime! 

The Eclipse by Bookman is a rechargeable and powerful wearable clip-on light for visibility and safety in traffic during urban outdoor activities such as running, cycling, walking, or others... It's beautiful, smart, and really intuitive to use. That's why we feel it has its rightful place in the Curated by Hexlox Collection

Clips on securely to any bag or garment. Every light is equipped with both white and red LEDs so you can switch between white light for frontal visibility and red light for rear visibility.

Eclipse charges via USB. Compact and lightweight size.