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***Black*** Hexlox for NON Magnetic Bolts

Hexlox Blackoffers the highest grade of security against bike-part theft.- Now with DLC (Diamond-Like Carbon) coating for that minimalist Berlin Street-style look!

The Hexlox Black For Non-Magnetic Bolts allows you to use a 5mm Hexlox or 6mm Hexlox in non-magnetic hex bolts. Now your Stainless Steel, Aluminium and Titanium Hex Bolts can be secured by Hexlox

The Hexlox Black For Non-Magnetic Bolts is a Hexlox combined with a base, a thin Neodym magnet that permanently attaches to the floor of your hex bolt. The magnet of the Hexlox then attaches to the magnetic base after it's installed in the hex bolt, for a sturdy and secure fit.

The retro-fit - is a base without Hexlox

  • 1 x Hexlox Black for non-magnetic bolts - 5mm or 6mm (with or without Hexlox)