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Q-Loc Thru Axle - Hexlox Ready

Selecting the correct size thru axle for your bike is, unfortunately, rather complicated. Do you know the length, diameter, and thread count of your current axle? We thought so 😉  

If you still want to do a technical deep-dive - here is our Size Guide for thru axles.

(The Rear 12 version now comes with a silver core - not visible after installation)

  • 1 x Hexlox Q-Loc Thru axle - without Hexlox/Hexlox Key

    *Optional - Add a 6mm. Hexlox and a Hexlox Key to protect your wheel against theft. Hexlox, the Hexlox Key - and your personal and secret Hexlox Code - work together seamlessly to protect your bike parts against theft.

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