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September 01, 2019 1 min read

As we move on towards darker times its important to check what lights we have on our bikes. Personally I ride with with 3 different setups. For my road bike I use Knogs, on my MTB I use Sigmas, and on my city bike I use Camdens. The ideas light is always difficult to find.

Do you need USB? Do you have a dynamo? Do you need lights to be seen and see or is being seen enough (you ride mostly in the city).

Bike at night with lights

Also for us in Germany its important to make sure that the light is approved, since many of the new once are way to bright and can blind other people in traffic.

There are also a design aspect to lights which is important. Nice design from a visual perspective does not necessary mean its a good light. Form should follow function in my opinion. Also the theft factor is important. Can you secure it? Is it easy to remove? Since Hexlox is a company that works to secure bike parts this is always a questions we have on our minds. Few lights are easy to secure. If you are looking for a permanent light that uses a Hex Bolt then using our product would be a no brainer. Ride on and stay safe