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December 22, 2018 1 min read

Just a couple of months ago, Hexlox won the German WeWork Awards in the scale category. This mean pitching in front of a 2500 people and getting grilled by a set of very knowledgeable judged on stage. The competition was hard and there were many good teams around. We were so pleased with being able to call ourselves Scale Award Winner Germany at the end of that day. 

Now in the coming days Marcus, one of our founders will be heading to London for a WeWork Camp to prepare for the finals. It will include mentoring and the chance to present Hexlox great vision once again. In London we will also visit our bike shops customers and also add a few more clients to our Shop Locator

London is especially hard hit with bike theft and our Hex Skewers and HexNuts in combination with Hexlox is selling very well over there. 

In January, Hexlox will be heading to NYC for the WeWork Global Final which we are much looking forward to. New York is just like London a very heavy spot for thefts of bikes and our product is much loved over there already but there are much to improve in terms of coverage. 

WeWork is a global CoWorking Space and if you are looking for a small office or just a desk, I strongly recommend checking them out.