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January 01, 2020 2 min read

There are few things worse that cold hands on a winter ride. It does not matter much if its a 20 min ride to the office or a 4hr ride road bike ride through country side. It always takes a bit of time to work up the hear in your body and the shorter rides are sometimes not enough to get warm. The hands are also most of the time just holding the steering and they don’t do much except moving left and ride slightly to change the gear or brake.


I ride quite a lot during the winter, especially back and forth to the Hexlox office.
Also during the weekend I try to get out and do some longer rides. 

The market is full of winter gloves so how do you choose? What are the most important criteria’s and are there any “no goes”?

If your hands can’t generate heat and keep it then your hands will be cold. Therefore its important that the glove is keeping heat in. This means it needs to be insulated well. Of course you also don’t want sweaty hands so it also needs to breath well.

Very important is obviously also that it protects against the elements. Wind protection and Water resistant is a must in the winter.

I personally ride with the GripGrab Polaris Gloves which has kept my hands dry and warm for a few years now.
 I also use on shorter rides the Ultra Grip Gloves from SealSkinz.

The biggest difference between these two gloves is the thickness. The Polaris is a full-on winter glove that will in all weathers keep your hands warm and the Ultra is thinner glove that still manage to perform well I think. 

In a couple of weeks I will head out to do a full on test on our new Hex Skewers and then I will be glad that the GribGrab are protecting my hands.