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First we took Kickstarter, now we take the world!

Hexlox Bike Security System can now be delivered World Wide with within-a-day shipped products and sets. Security Bike Skewers, Bike Wheel Locks and Saddle Locks are all available in our shop. We are extremely excited that this day has come and are also announcing out Life Time Warranty on our Hexlox. In what ever case the Hexlox would truly malfunction we are able to replace it with returning post. 

Its been an incredible ride providing all the Kickstarter backers with their Bike Anti Theft Solutions and the feedback has been amazing. The product has come a very long way and is now being rolled out all over the globe. 

Please take a look around our bike lock shop and if you don't find what you are looking for just drop us a mail.

Hexlox Smashes it on Kickstarter

After a crazy run on Kickstarter earlier this year, we are now finally shipping to all our backer. The reviews coming in are super positive and we are stoked that our community have supported us so much. We are now also taking normal order, albeit with a bit longer delivery time than normal. Please place your order and get in line to get your very own Hexlox! /Hexlox Team