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July 13, 2023 20 min read

Every year we do a yearly roundup of what we think are the best and most useful apps, and other resources for bicyclist. This time around there are a lot of new ones, as well as a few favourites.

So without further ado...

The best 27 apps for bicyclists

Research, Mapping & Planning 


 Strava - The go-to app for bicycling, running hiking and more. Strava serves as the center hub for all data for many cyclists & runners. 

Strava has become a must-have app for cyclists worldwide, offering accurate mapping and route planning capabilities. With its robust GPS tracking, riders can map their routes, capturing crucial data like distance and elevation. The app also features segment challenges and leaderboards, adding a competitive element to rides. Cyclists can create segments, compete against others, and track their progress.

Performance tracking and analysis are key features of Strava. The app records metrics such as heart rate and power output, enabling riders to analyze their performance, set goals, and track progress over time. Strava's social connectivity allows cyclists to connect with friends, join clubs, and participate in challenges. The app's global community fosters camaraderie and provides opportunities to discover new routes and riding buddies.

Strava prioritizes safety with features like Beacon, which shares the rider's live location with selected contacts during rides. This enhances peace of mind, especially during solo or unfamiliar rides. Additionally, Strava offers personalized training plans designed by professional coaches. These plans, available through the premium subscription, provide structured workouts, guidance, and progress tracking.

In conclusion, Strava is the go-to app for cyclists looking to map and plan rides. It offers accurate mapping, segment challenges, performance tracking, social connectivity, safety features, and personalized training plans. Whether you're a casual cyclist or a seasoned pro, Strava enhances your cycling experience, fosters community, and helps you achieve your goals. So, download Strava, hop on your bike, and let the app be your guide to unforgettable rides.


Komoot - Planning any adventure-style riding, running or hiking? Great app with a massive library of adventure routes to explore.

Komoot has established itself as the go-to app for bicyclists and hikers who crave adventure and want to plan and research their outdoor excursions. With its impressive features and user-friendly interface, Komoot is the perfect companion for those seeking to explore the great outdoors.

Komoot's mapping and route planning capabilities are unparalleled. The app offers detailed topographic maps that provide comprehensive information about trails, terrain, and points of interest. Bicyclists and hikers can plan their routes, customize them according to their preferences, and access turn-by-turn voice navigation for a seamless journey. Komoot's route planning takes into account the type of activity, fitness level, and desired difficulty, ensuring a personalized adventure for every user.

One of Komoot's standout features is its vast and passionate community of outdoor enthusiasts. Users can discover popular routes created by other adventurers, share their own experiences, and receive recommendations from like-minded individuals. This social connectivity fosters a sense of camaraderie and encourages the exchange of knowledge and inspiration among outdoor enthusiasts.

Komoot also excels in providing valuable information and insights about points of interest along the way. Users can access detailed descriptions, photos, and ratings of attractions, viewpoints, and amenities, enabling them to make informed decisions during their adventures. Whether it's finding a cozy mountain hut or uncovering a hidden waterfall, Komoot ensures that users have a wealth of information at their fingertips.

Safety is a top priority for outdoor adventurers, and Komoot addresses this concern with its reliable offline maps and navigation capabilities. Users can download maps and routes to their devices, ensuring that they have access to vital information even in areas with limited or no internet connectivity. This feature provides peace of mind and allows users to focus on the thrill of the journey.

In conclusion, Komoot is the ultimate app for bicyclists and hikers who crave adventure and want to plan and research their outdoor explorations. With its exceptional mapping and route planning features, vibrant community, comprehensive information about points of interest, and reliable offline capabilities, Komoot empowers users to embark on unforgettable adventures. So, grab your bike or lace up your hiking boots, download Komoot, and let the app guide you to incredible outdoor experiences.


Windy - A great looking weather and radar app. Check before heading out if you need that extra layer - or not.

For every discerning bicyclist, the Windy app is an absolute must-have. With its powerful weather forecasting capabilities and user-friendly interface, Windy ensures that riders can plan their journeys and avoid undesirable weather conditions.

Installing Windy on your phone provides invaluable insights into current and future weather patterns. Cyclists can access detailed weather forecasts, including wind speed, temperature, precipitation, and more. This information is crucial for planning rides, as it allows riders to choose the optimal time and route for their adventures, avoiding rainstorms, strong winds, or extreme temperatures.

The app's interactive map feature is particularly beneficial, providing visual representations of weather patterns and allowing riders to analyze weather conditions along their planned routes. This helps in making informed decisions about ride timings and adjusting routes if necessary.


Fat Map - 3D mapping. A newcomer by Strava, where you can discover, plan, track & share your rides, or hikes with gorgeous 3D renderings. 

Fat Map is a game-changer for outdoor enthusiasts seeking to discover, plan, track, and share their adventures. With its breathtaking 3D renderings of routes, this app takes adventure exploration to new heights.

Using Fat Map, users can discover a world of exciting outdoor experiences. The app offers an extensive database of trails, mountains, and remote areas, allowing adventurers to uncover hidden gems and off-the-beaten-path destinations. The 3D renderings bring these landscapes to life, providing a realistic preview of what awaits.

Planning becomes a breeze with Fat Map's robust features. Users can create custom routes, incorporating desired distances, elevation gains, and difficulty levels. The app's detailed topographic maps offer precise information about terrain, contours, and key landmarks. This empowers adventurers to plan their journeys with confidence and accuracy.

While on the move, Fat Map tracks your progress in real-time. Users can view their location, speed, distance covered, and elevation gain, ensuring they stay on course and have a complete record of their accomplishments. The app's intuitive interface allows for effortless navigation and easy access to vital data.

Sharing your adventures with friends and the wider outdoor community is a joy with Fat Map. Users can showcase their routes, photos, and experiences, inspiring others to embark on their own memorable journeys. Whether it's conquering a peak, navigating a winding trail, or discovering a hidden lake, Fat Map lets users relive their adventures and inspire fellow outdoor enthusiasts.


What3Words - A unique way of describing or sharing your location, down to 3x3 meters resolution.

What3Words has revolutionized the way we share our location by assigning each three-meter square in the world a unique three-word address. This innovative addressing system has simplified location sharing, making it more precise and accessible.

Instead of long and complicated addresses or GPS coordinates, users can simply provide three simple words that pinpoint their exact location. This has made sharing and finding specific locations easier, especially in remote or poorly addressed areas.

What3Words has transformed the way we navigate and communicate location information, opening up new possibilities for logistics, emergency response, travel, and everyday interactions.


Relive.cc - As the name implies,  share all your activities in an easy and beautiful way.

Relive.cc is a remarkable app that allows users to share their routes with stunning renderings, creating captivating visual narratives of their adventures. With this app, cyclists, runners, and outdoor enthusiasts can bring their journeys to life by transforming GPS data into immersive videos and 3D animations.

Relive.cc seamlessly integrates with popular fitness tracking apps, automatically generating captivating visuals of routes, elevation changes, and highlights along the way. Sharing these beautiful renderings enables users to relive their experiences and inspire others with the breathtaking landscapes and memorable moments they encountered during their activities.


Google Maps - An absolute must, not just for riding or hiking. For everyday life.

Google Maps is an truly indispensable app for everyday life, providing accurate navigation, public transportation information, and a comprehensive directory of local businesses.

Whether you're commuting, exploring new places, or finding nearby services, Google Maps simplifies your daily experiences. With real-time updates, offline functionality, and integrated services like ride-sharing, the app ensures usability in various situations. It offers personalized recommendations, tailored features, and constant innovation to enhance user experience. From planning your daily commute to discovering new destinations.


General Health apps for bicyclists
General Health & Fitness

My Fitness Pal - Easily keep on top of your calorie intake, meal planning and general health.

MyFitnessPal is a leader when it comes to achieving your health goals. With its comprehensive features, this app supports you in tracking calories, establishing healthy routines, and staying fit.

By logging your meals and workouts, it provides invaluable insights into your daily calorie intake and expenditure. The app's vast food database makes it easy to track your nutrition, ensuring you stay on track with your health goals. With personalized goal setting and progress tracking, MyFitnessPal keeps you motivated and accountable on your fitness journey.

Whether you're striving for weight loss, improved nutrition, or overall wellness, MyFitnessPal is your ultimate companion for success.

Google Fit- From swimming to strolling, any activity that gets you moving makes an impact on your health. Google Fit works with many of your favourite apps and health devices.

Google Fit is not only a powerful app for achieving your health goals but also incredibly user-friendly. With its intuitive interface and seamless integration with various devices and apps, it ensures a hassle-free experience.

Tracking calories, establishing healthy routines, and staying fit becomes effortless as Google Fit simplifies the process. The app's easy-to-navigate features, real-time tracking, and personalized insights make it a breeze to monitor your progress and stay motivated.

No matter your level of tech-savviness, Google Fit's user-friendly design ensures that everyone can easily utilize its capabilities to improve their health and well-being.


Mechanics and Maintenance apps for cyclists

Daily Riding, Mechanics & Maintenance

Pro Bike Garage - Keep track on the wear and tear of your components. Save money.

The Pro Bike Garage app is useful for cyclists looking to save money and prolong the lifespan of their bike components. By accurately tracking wear and tear on various parts of your bike, this app empowers you to take proactive measures and avoid costly repairs or replacements.

With the ability to input and monitor the mileage and usage of different components such as tires, chains, cassettes, brake pads, and more, Pro Bike Garage provides valuable insights into their condition. It notifies you when it's time for maintenance or replacement, allowing you to plan and budget accordingly.

By staying ahead of wear and tear, you can extend the life of your bike components and optimize their performance, ultimately saving money in the long run. 

The Road Bike Manual- Keep this app on your phone, just in case.

The Road Bike Manual by Bike Radar and Haynes is an invaluable resource for cyclists seeking to enhance their bike maintenance and repair skills. This comprehensive guide provides step-by-step instructions, detailed diagrams, and expert tips to help you become more comfortable with maintaining and fixing your road bike.

From basic adjustments to complex repairs, the manual covers a wide range of topics, empowering you to take control of your bike's maintenance. By learning the ins and outs of your bike and gaining the confidence to tackle repairs, you can save money on professional services and ensure your bike is always in top-notch condition.


Bike Doctor App - Confidently complete everything from simple puncture repairs, to wheel truing and replacing gear cables. Start small and build up your skill-set.

The Bike Doctor app is the ultimate companion for cyclists at any skill level, offering assistance with bicycle repair needs. Whether you're a beginner starting small or looking to build up your repair skills, this app has you covered. With its user-friendly interface, detailed step-by-step instructions, and helpful videos,

Bike Doctor guides you through various repairs and maintenance tasks. From fixing a flat tire to adjusting brakes and gears, the app empowers you to take charge of your bicycle repairs. By gradually building your skills with the guidance of Bike Doctor, you can save money on professional services and develop a deeper understanding of your bike's mechanics.

Fill That Hole - Report obstacles and potholes to the authorities. UK only.

The Fill That Hole app is a prime example of crowd sourcing at its best, as it enables the wider community to contribute to the improvement of road conditions. By allowing users to easily report potholes and other obstacles, this app plays a crucial role in notifying relevant authorities about necessary repairs.

With just a few taps, users can pinpoint the exact location of a road hazard and provide essential details. This information is then shared with the relevant authorities, helping them prioritize and address maintenance issues.

By actively participating in reporting road hazards through Fill That Hole, users contribute to safer and smoother roads for everyone, creating a positive impact on the wider community.

Strava Metro - The Strava dataset is the largest collection of human-powered transport information in the world. Metro aggregates, de-identifies and contextualizes this dataset to help make communities better for anyone on foot or on a bike.

 Another favorite of ours, that we have written about before, Strava Metro is an exemplary crowd-sourcing app that has revolutionized the way cities and municipalities access and utilize data to make informed decisions about traffic and bicycle infrastructure. As millions of cyclists and runners track their activities using the Strava app, Strava Metro aggregates this anonymized and aggregated data to provide valuable insights to city planners and transportation authorities.

By analyzing the enormous dataset provided by Strava Metro, cities gain a comprehensive understanding of where people are cycling, running, and commuting. This information allows them to identify popular routes, congested areas, and gaps in existing infrastructure. With this knowledge, urban planners can make data-driven decisions to improve traffic flow, optimize routes, and prioritize the development of cycling infrastructure.

Strava Metro enables cities to assess the impact of existing bicycle infrastructure and make informed investments to create safer and more efficient routes. It helps identify high-demand areas for bike lanes, bike-sharing stations, and bike parking facilities, promoting active transportation and reducing congestion on roads.

Moreover, Strava Metro provides valuable data for understanding commuting patterns, helping cities identify areas where public transportation services can be enhanced or expanded. This app has the potential to reshape urban planning and transportation policies, promoting sustainable mobility and improving the overall quality of life for residents.

Strava Metro is a prime example of how crowd-sourced data can be harnessed to benefit communities and make cities more bicycle-friendly and efficient. By leveraging this vast dataset, cities can optimize their transportation systems, reduce carbon emissions, and create healthier, more livable environments. Strava Metro exemplifies the power of technology and community collaboration in shaping the future of urban mobility.

Bikecomputer.co - You don't need a dedicated bike computer. Use your phone instead!

BikeComputer.co is an app that simplifies your bike life. This user-friendly app transforms your smartphone into a powerful bike computer, providing essential features for tracking your rides, monitoring performance, and navigating routes. With intuitive displays, customizable data fields, and accurate GPS tracking, BikeComputer.co ensures a seamless and hassle-free experience on your bike.

The app's simplicity, combined with its comprehensive functionality, allows you to focus on the joy of riding while effortlessly accessing vital information.



The best Training and Racing apps for cyclists Training, Racing, Logging & Analyzing


Trainer Road - One of our favorite platforms for serious athletes. AI based, adaptive training that adjusts to your evolving fitness.

TrainerRoad is a leading platform that has revolutionized endurance training, with a strong emphasis on adaptive training and a science-based approach to optimizing performance in both training and racing.

At the core of TrainerRoad's success is its adaptive training feature. This innovative technology continuously analyzes your performance data, adjusts your workouts, and provides personalized recommendations to ensure optimal progress. By adapting your training plan based on your individual strengths, weaknesses, and goals, TrainerRoad maximizes your potential and helps you achieve peak fitness.

TrainerRoad takes a science-based approach to training and racing, leveraging evidence-based methodologies to deliver effective results. The platform provides structured and progressive training plans designed by expert coaches, incorporating principles such as progressive overload and periodization. This ensures that every workout has a purpose, systematically building fitness, strength, and endurance.

Furthermore, TrainerRoad's extensive library of workouts covers a wide range of disciplines and training objectives, including endurance, power, and race-specific sessions. The workouts are designed based on proven training principles and target specific energy systems, enabling cyclists to improve their overall performance and reach their goals.

TrainerRoad also offers comprehensive performance analytics, allowing users to track their progress, monitor key metrics, and gain insights into their training. By providing data-driven feedback and performance analysis, cyclists can make informed decisions, identify areas for improvement, and refine their training strategies.

The interface is very bare-bones compared to other platforms so be prepared to supply your own distractions or entertainment, if needed.

The combination of adaptive training, science-based methodologies, and detailed analytics makes TrainerRoad a go-to platform for cyclists and tri-athletes of all levels, from beginners to professionals. It provides a structured and systematic approach to training, ensuring that every workout is purposeful and tailored to individual needs. With its commitment to evidence-based training principles, TrainerRoad empowers cyclists to unlock their full potential and achieve their performance goals.


Wahoo Systm - An incredibly multifaceted platform for training and racing by Wahoo. Using cutting-edge sports science to automatically tailor your workouts to your 4DP® profile, SYSTM workouts and plans are designed to get results by taking the guesswork out of training.

The Wahoo System is a cutting-edge training platform that offers a unique approach to optimizing performance through its 4DP (Four-Dimensional Power) profile. This system goes beyond traditional power-based training by providing a comprehensive analysis of an individual's physiological capabilities across four key metrics: neuromuscular power, anaerobic capacity, maximal aerobic power, and functional threshold power.

By assessing these four dimensions, the Wahoo System offers a broader and more accurate understanding of an athlete's strengths and weaknesses. This insight allows for a more targeted and effective training approach. With this comprehensive profile, athletes can tailor their training programs to address specific areas for improvement, maximize their potential, and achieve their performance goals.

The Wahoo System's 4DP profile empowers athletes to train smarter by providing a clear roadmap for progress. By understanding their relative strengths and weaknesses, athletes can focus on developing specific energy systems, improving weaknesses, and capitalizing on their strengths. This targeted approach optimizes training time, avoids training plateaus, and enhances overall performance.

In addition to the 4DP profile, the Wahoo System offers a range of training tools and features to support athletes' progress. This includes structured training plans, real-time feedback during workouts, and data analysis to track performance over time. The platform's integration with various training apps and devices allows for seamless data collection and analysis.

With its focus on personalized insights and data-driven training, the Wahoo System provides athletes with a comprehensive and effective training solution. By utilizing the 4DP profile, athletes can unlock their full potential, train with precision, and achieve their performance objectives in a smart and efficient manner.


Strava - Not as evolved and deep as the previous ones but still a really good resource for training and racing. Everyone is on Strava!

Strava, the popular fitness app, has become the centerpiece of most athletes' digital web-of-apps, seamlessly integrating with various devices, training platforms, and other apps. With its comprehensive tracking capabilities, Strava serves as a hub where athletes can gather and analyze data from their activities, whether it's cycling, running, or other endurance sports. The app's compatibility with fitness trackers, GPS devices, and other training platforms allows athletes to consolidate their data in one place, making it easy to monitor progress, set goals, and track performance over time.

However, what truly sets Strava apart is its vibrant social aspect. Strava is more than just a data-tracking app; it's a global community of athletes who connect, support, and compete with one another. The app allows users to follow friends, professional athletes, and local groups, fostering a sense of camaraderie and friendly competition. Athletes can give and receive kudos, comment on activities, and join challenges, adding a fun and interactive element to their training journey.

The social component of Strava helps athletes stay motivated, accountable, and inspired. Sharing activities, achievements, and goals creates a sense of community and encourages athletes to push their limits. Whether it's participating in virtual races, cheering on friends' accomplishments, or simply receiving support from the community, Strava creates a positive and engaging environment for athletes.

In summary, Strava's integration with various apps and devices makes it the centerpiece of most athletes' digital ecosystem. Its comprehensive tracking capabilities allow athletes to gather and analyze data, while the social aspect fosters a sense of community and adds an element of fun to training. Strava is not only a tool for tracking performance but also a platform that connects athletes and keeps them motivated on their fitness journey.


Training Peaks - A very powerful training platform that has been around for a while. Plan, track, and analyze your training all in one place. Great for coaches.

TrainingPeaks stands out for its no-frills approach, catering to both athletes and coaches. The platform prioritizes simplicity and ease-of-use, allowing athletes to effortlessly plan, track, and analyze their training data. Athletes can navigate through workouts, view performance metrics, and track progress with minimal hassle.

Equally important, TrainingPeaks offers a seamless experience for coaches, enabling them to create customized training plans, monitor athlete progress, and provide valuable feedback. The streamlined interface ensures coaches can efficiently manage their athletes' training programs and effectively guide them towards their goals. TrainingPeaks' no-frills nature makes it a reliable and straightforward choice for athletes and coaches seeking a hassle-free training and coaching experience.


GrupRides.cc - Find local group rides on line. It can be a struggle to link up with other like minded riders in your area. Grouprides.cc is an online tool that lets you do just that.


Strautomator - Fun add-on to automate and enhance your Strava experience. Tag your commutes, set the correct equipment based on activities, set the default shoes for runs, walks and hikes, set the default bike for road, MTB and gravel rides. And a lot more!

Strautomator is a powerful tool that enhances your Strava experience by automating various tasks and adding valuable features. It offers advanced data analysis and insights, allowing you to dive deeper into your Strava data.

The app enables you to automatically categorize activities, customize privacy settings, and even create customizable leaderboards within your Strava network. Stautomator streamlines your Strava experience, saving you time and providing additional functionalities to enrich your fitness journey.


Zwift - The go-to platform for virtual riding, running, training and racing. Racing on Zwift is incredibly fun but you do not have to race. Go for a spin with friend or just cruise along. Addictive!

Zwift has revolutionized indoor running and cycling, emerging as the go-to platform for athletes seeking immersive and engaging training experiences. This virtual training environment has gained immense popularity due to several key factors.

Firstly, Zwift's realistic graphics and immersive gameplay make indoor workouts more enjoyable and motivating. Athletes can explore virtual worlds, ride or run with friends, and participate in group events or races, all from the comfort of their homes. This interactive and social aspect adds an exciting dimension to indoor training.

Secondly, Zwift offers structured training plans and workouts tailored to different fitness levels and goals. Whether you're a beginner or an elite athlete, Zwift provides a wide range of training options to improve your performance. The platform's workouts incorporate power and heart rate zones, replicating outdoor training intensity while adapting to your specific capabilities.

Furthermore, Zwift's integration with smart trainers and sensors allows for a seamless and realistic training experience. It adjusts resistance based on virtual terrain, providing a true-to-life feel of climbs, descents, and sprints. This interaction between the platform and compatible equipment enhances the training stimulus and engagement.

Zwift has also fostered a strong sense of community. Athletes can join clubs, interact with fellow Zwifters, and participate in events, creating a social network that motivates and supports each other's progress. The competitive aspect, including races and leaderboards, adds an extra layer of excitement and motivation.

The community aspect of Zwift has played a significant role in its rise as the go-to platform for indoor running and cycling. Zwift has fostered a vibrant and supportive community where athletes from around the world come together to train, compete, and connect.

One of the standout community features on Zwift are all the racing series, leagues and other races hosted on the platform. Zwift offers an dizzying variety of virtual races, from casual group rides to highly competitive events. These races attract athletes of all levels, allowing participants to challenge themselves, test their limits, and experience the thrill of competitive racing. Zwift's racing has become a hotbed for fierce competition and has even seen professional athletes and teams join in, further elevating the level of competition and excitement.

In addition to races, Zwift enables athletes to participate in club rides. Clubs provide a space for like-minded individuals to connect, support one another, and organize group rides. These club rides offer a sense of camaraderie, allowing athletes to train together, share experiences, and motivate each other.

Zwift has also attracted a growing number of YouTubers and content creators who showcase their Zwift experiences. They document their workouts, races, and events, sharing their journey and providing insights and tips to the Zwift community. This influx of YouTubers has contributed to the platform's popularity, inspiring and entertaining athletes while creating a sense of virtual companionship.

Overall, the community aspect of Zwift is a major driving force behind its success. The platform's racing series, club rides, and presence of YouTubers create a dynamic and supportive environment for athletes to engage, compete, and connect. This community spirit not only enhances the training experience but also brings athletes from all walks of life together, fostering a sense of belonging and shared passion for fitness and cycling.

Lastly, Zwift provides data analytics, including ride and run metrics, to track progress and analyze performance. Athletes can monitor their improvements, set personal goals, and benchmark against others.


IndieVelo - An alternative to Zwift that is rapidly gaining momentum thanks to it's focus on race specifics and rider verification. 

IndieVelo stands out in the crowded world of cycling platforms by carving a niche for itself with a focus on racing enthusiasts. The platform caters specifically to the racing community, offering a streamlined experience for riders eager to challenge their limits.

One notable feature that sets IndieVelo apart is its meticulous approach to rider verification. With a commitment to fair play, the platform takes the issue of cheating seriously, particularly in the form of weight doping. By implementing stringent verification measures, IndieVelo ensures that participants adhere to the highest standards of integrity, fostering a level playing field for all users.

The user interface of IndieVelo is identical to Zwift and the game graphics lacks the polish that you maybe have come to expect. Bear in mind that Indie Velo is a one-man-operation!  The platform encourages healthy competition and camaraderie among cyclists, creating an engaging environment for both seasoned riders and newcomers alike.

While IndieVelo caters primarily to the racing community, it manages to strike a balance between competitive elements and the enjoyment of cycling as a sport. Whether you're a seasoned racer or a casual rider looking to test your skills, IndieVelo offers a platform that combines the thrill of competition with a commitment to fairness and sportsmanship.


MyWoosh - Newcomer to the eSport space that packs a punch. Free to use! 

My Woosh, the emerging platform in the virtual cycling realm, presents an intriguing proposition with its current free-to-use model, a strategic move to entice Zwifters into exploring its offerings. The platform aims to carve its niche in the market by providing an alternative experience to the established players.

One standout feature is My Woosh's recent three-year deal with the UCI to host the World Championships in eBike Racing, a move that adds a layer of credibility and elevates its status in the virtual cycling community. This partnership not only signals the platform's ambition but also suggests a commitment to promoting eBike racing on a global stage.

The user interface of My Woosh deserves commendation for its slick and elegant design. Navigating through the platform is intuitive, enhancing the overall user experience. The clean layout and user-friendly features contribute to a seamless interaction, making it accessible for both seasoned virtual cyclists and newcomers alike.

As My Woosh continues to evolve and strives to win over the Zwift community, its current free-to-use offering, combined with the enticing UCI collaboration and a polished user interface, positions it as a contender worth exploring in the dynamic world of virtual cycling.


Sauce for Zwift - The hottest Zwift add-on at the moment! Gives you access to additional data that Zwift doesn't show you. Great!

Sauce for Zwift is a valuable add-on that expands the data insights available while riding on Zwift. This add-on provides additional metrics and information to enhance your racing that Zwift is not showing you.


Zwift Power - If you are serious about racing and performance on Zwift you need to use Zwift Power.

For any serious Zwift racer, having Zwift Power is essential. Zwift Power is an invaluable companion that provides comprehensive race analysis and performance data. It offers in-depth insights into race results, category rankings, power metrics, and more. With Zwift Power, racers can compare their performance against competitors, track progress over time, and make strategic adjustments to improve their racing tactics. It serves as a vital tool for assessing strengths, identifying areas for improvement, and gaining a competitive edge. 


Silca Pro Tire Pressure Calculator -  A great tool to get the correct tire pressure. Ride faster & smoother.

Riding and racing with the correct tire pressure is crucial. It affects grip, rolling resistance, and overall performance. Proper tire pressure ensures optimal traction, reduces the risk of flats, and enhances control. Whether on the road or off-road, maintaining the right tire pressure is essential for a smooth, efficient, and safe riding experience.


Best Bike Split - Plan your next race based on your power datacourse info, and race day conditions to predict your race performance and create the perfect power plan. Nerd alert!

The Best Bike Split app enables you to race smarter by providing accurate race day simulations and personalized power plans. It analyzes course data, weather conditions, and your specific power profile to create an optimal race strategy. With Best Bike Split, you can maximize your performance and make data-driven decisions to achieve your race goals.