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Courier Bike Lock / Messengers Bike Lock

Hexlox for bicycle messengers

At Hexlox Bike Security, we started our business by getting feedback on our products from messengers all over the world. Based in Berlin we constantly had friends of ours who rides for all kinds of organisations coming by and testing our products. Everyone with a bike needs a saddle lock, wheel lock and bike lock. But if your job is depending on that you have a bike in ridable condition, its even more important. 

Hexlox wants to honour the great work all you rider do every day, in every weather in all kinds of conditions.  Therefore we've created a special discount for everyone who can prove that they are a professional messenger and use their bike as a tool for work. Send us a mail to messenger@hexlox.com with a photo of you in full messenger gear showing the name of the firm you work for as well and we will return the email with a personal discount code.

Now stop reading on the internet and get out there and ride :-)!

The Hexlox Team.