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Hexlox Christmas Printed Gift Card

Shopping for someone else but not sure what to give them?
Give them the gift of choice with an amazing Hexlox PRINTED Deluxe Gift Card.

Choose your desired amount and we will send you a very cool gold foiled gift card for you to add your own personalised message on.

With a Hexlox Printed Gift Card you are solving 3 classical issues during this time of the year ;-):

1. You are giving the chance to someone dear, to fit out their bike, with a really practical product that actually makes a difference.

2. You are not only giving something that is being used. You are actually giving something, that makes sure, that what they already have, stays theirs!

3. You are minimising the risk of disappointment and there is no stress when buying the awesome Hexlox Printed Card since it can be sent with Fedex Express Shipping