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June 25, 2020 2 min read

The headline says it all.
The Spurcycle Bell just keeps on going and the sound lingers for many many seconds (I'd like to write minutes, it really feels that way, but it's seconds, multiples of them!).

It's clear I'm a fan so this text is extremely biased, but its really the best bell and it's really that good. I ride since years and years and of course getting attention when on the road and on streets is important. By using a bell like the Spurcycle Bell I know I will get the attention I need to either pass someone when cycling or to just clear some room.

5 things that makes the best bicycle bell, well, the best:

1. The sound. Of course. But it's more than that. Since the way it sounds is stronger and more controlled than most other bells, you can ring it earlier and still be sure that you get the attention on the road.

2. The sound, yes, again. The ringing of the bell stays over a much longer period of time than any comparable bell I've ever tested.

3. The mechanism. Its easy to place it so that you just need to briefly press the hinge and let go for it to ring. No hard press is needed, just engaging it light will make your ride safer.

4. The quality. Most bells I've own look ragged after a while. The Spurbell just keep on looking good and I'm definitely someone who rides in all weathers.

5. The look. What shall I say, it looks great. The finish, the way the arc is curved, the hinges and also the fastening mechanism is stylish.

This is by no means a cheap bell, its has its price and for many this will be over the top. I can however proudly say that I've introduced it to many many people over the years, and yet no one has felt it was not what they expected nor has it disappointed them. Check it out here: Spurcycle Bell

CEO @ Hexlox