Cannondale Lefty and deep allen key slots

Cannondale Lefty needs a special extra long Hexlox

We provide a specially manufactured single Hexlox 5mm with extra long magnet. Choose between two length for lefty:

Lefty 50 = 7mm 
1x Hexlox 5mm & 4mm magnet - total length including Hexlox

Lefty 60 = 11mm
1x Hexlox 5mm & 8mm magnet - total length including Hexlox 

For some derailleurs or other instances where the allen key depth is extra deep this product may fit as well.

Any option you select includes one Hexlox, keyed to fit the rest of your order.
If you not already have at least selected a set including a key, a single key or already own a key, add your key here