***Black*** Bike Wheel Security Set

  • Protects Front & Rear Wheel from theft.

    This set Includes:
    2 x Hexlox BLACK (choose size)
    1 x Key
    1 x Key Card
    To select which Hexlox you need check the size of your Hex Bolts.
    * Our own Skewers use 5mm and our Hexnuts & Thru Axles use 6mm *

    If your Hex bolt is Aluminium, Stainless Steel or Titanium you need to choose a Magnetic Insert to your order. 

    If your wheel ist not fastened by hex bolt
    This set can also be combined with any of our Hexlox skewers, hub nut or thru axles. Please check what's on your front wheel/ rear wheel and select the matching type (skewer, nut or thru axle)
    goto TAB: SELECTION GUIDE (above)


    • Stainless Steel Hexlox with proprietary Neodymium Magnet
    • Coded Key with Key Ring for portability
    • The mm size of the Hexlox matches the mm size of your Hex Bolts
    • Can secure any Steel Hex Bolt
  • If your wheel is NOT fastened by a Hex Bolt:

    Add Replacement for Quick Release Skewers - HexSkewer
    (Secure with #5mm Hexlox)

    Add Replacement for Wheel Nuts - HexNut
    (Secure with #6mm Hexlox)

    Add Replacement for Thru Axle - ThruAxle
    (Secure with #6mm Hexlox)