Airlok Hex Bolt Protection Set

If you have a Hiplok Airlok, this set makes it possible to easily relocate the Airlok in the case you change houses.

The set includes 2 x 6mm Hexlox, 1 x Key and your 3 digit key code card. 

Your 3 digitcode is automatically registered, so you can get more Hexlox to work with this same key to secure the rest of the parts on your bike, or to get replacement keys. 

Your Airlok is supplied with ball bearings, after attaching the Airlok to the wall, these ball bearings are hammered into the bolts providing security.

With this Hexlox set you do NOT use these balls, the Hexlox replace these balls.

The Hexlox are inserted in the top right and the bottom left bolt that secure the Airlok to the wall.



For ART and SOLD SECURE the AIRLOK has been rated using these ball bearings.  By using this Hexlox set these ratings are void.