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2 quick questions

Which Size? - Use a hex wrench/Allen Key to determine the size of the Hexlox you need. If a 5mm Allen key fits in the socket you need to get a Hexlox 5mm, etc. You also need to add a Hexlox Key to your order. Easy!

Magnetic - Or not? Are the hex bolts magnetic - or not? Just grab a normal fridge magnet to figure that out 😉 For non-magnetic bolts (Aluminum, Titanium, Stainless Steel) you need to pick our Hexlox For Non-Magnetic Bolts - 5 & 6mm

Insert the Hexlox to block access to the bolt. The Hexlox Key "locks and unlocks" the bolt. Done! Don’t forget that you need to protect both the saddle and the seat post. Even if the seat post is secured a thief could easily remove the saddle. Click here to go back to the Saddle & Seat Post options page.

Still need some help picking the right product?