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Secure your fixie, or Single speed wheels against theft!

How It Works!

The Problem: Anyone with a hextool or Allen wrench could simply unscrew your wheels and steel them.

Our Solution: By replacing your current wheel nuts with a Hexnut, combined with a Hexlox, you effectively secure your wheels against theft.  The Hexlox blocks access to the Hexnut  and only you can lock, or unlock, your wheels using the coded Hexlox Key.

Who Should Buy the Hexnut: Anyone riding a fixie or single speed bike, or anyone with Shimano Alfine-Nexus or Rohloff hubs, who wants to protect their wheels against theft. 

Geeky Technical info

3 Components secures your wheels against theft.

The Hexnut replaces your current wheel nuts on threaded axles, or threaded studs. It also fits all Shimano Alfine-Nexusor Rohloff hubs with hub nut. The Hexnut is equipped with an outer, spinning, stainless steel security ring, which is impossible to unscrew with any kind of pliers, vice grips, hammers etc. It tightens with a 6mm Allen Key / Hex Wrench. Only 1 Hexnut per wheel is required for full security but many people like to buy 2 Hexnuts per wheel simply because they like the symmetrical look.

The Hexlox is a tiny, stainless steel insert that you place inside the Hexnut socket. It then completely blocks access to your Hexnut for a potential thief equipped with a Hextool or Allen key. 

The Hexlox Key is a coded, mechanical key that you use to lock - and unlock - the Hexlox that is placed inside the Hexnut.

To secure your wheels, simply click on the buttons to go to the sales page where you will be asked to select the size of your Hexnut (9mm-M9, 9,5mm-3/8 or 10mm-M10). There you can also select what colors you want - Silver or Black.  Your order includes a Hexlox and Hexlox Key.

All our products are designed and manufactured in Germany