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The worlds smartest anti-theft system for bike parts

We have created what we believe is the world’s smartest and best-looking bicycle anti-theft system for bike parts. Hexlox can protect virtually any bicycle part like wheels, saddle, seat post, and more, from theft with an elegant and almost weightless solution.

Hexlox is designed and manufactured in security conscious Germany - for riders all over the world.

Hexlox is trusted by major brands like Canyon, Schindelhauer, Urwahn and Crankbrothers. We have been featured in publications like Wired, Sports Illustrated,Gear Junkie and Bike Radar, just to name a few...

We believe that most people find our products a very good value. Our reasoning has less to do with the value of the bike parts , but is all about convenience and peace of mind.

Even if your bike is not that valuable or doesn't have very expensive parts it still sucks having parts stolen - You know what we mean if you ever tried to ride home without a saddle. 😉

Also, we believe that most people prefer to not have their parts stolen and avoid having to go through the hassle of making a police report, contacting insurance companies, and buying new parts.

you know what you need
you are familiar with the measurements of your bike

Who is this for?

The Hexlox anti-theft system is for anyone who is worried about having their bike parts stolen. It's for anyone who need to park their bike in public places and wants peace of mind. The Hexlox System can protect your Wheels, Saddle, Seatpost, Stem, Fork, Handlebar Pedals - and any virtually anything else - against theft - in less than 3 sec.

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"I just love the concept behind Hexlox.

Great work"



"Such a helpful idea!

Thanx Hexlox"



"Such a brilliant Idea...

Small, simple and very clever"



"Super easy and effective way to lock down all of your




"Sehr zufrieden und auch schick!

Spitze Kundebetreuung!"



"I ordered Hexlox to secure my bike components on three places (seat clamp, saddle and stem) The Hexlox arrived superfast and are working perfectly as advertised"