Make it easy on yourself - just pick a set!

Hey, we hear you. Protecting your bike parts against theft should be a breeze and getting the right products that fit should not be a hassle. We are working very hard to make this process as easy aspossible. Drumroll... We present The Hexlox Ready Sets!

We have put together a few "Ready Sets" for you to facilitate your shopping experience at Hexlox. Whether you'd like to protect your whole bike - or just a part of it - we offer a Ready-Set for any situation.

Rest assured that our friendly and helpful customer service is only an email or chat away in case you have any questions.

Our sets will fit the needs of any biker - from the daily commuter, fixie riders, gravel enthusiasts, to more niche use cases like Bullitt Riders.

To protect your whole bike - Pick our bestseller Total Bike Security Setor the equally popular Saddle Lock Security Set

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