Saddle Lock Security Set - Protects Saddle & Seat Post

The perfect set to protect your Saddle and Seat Post from theft.

Set Includes: 2 Hexlox + 1 Key + Key Card

With two Hexlox you can secure the bolt under the seat and the seat post clamp bolt. To select which size you need, use a normal Hex Tool and insert it into the bolts you want to secure. Use the millimetre number on the side of the tool.

You can add single Hexlox to extend your set. Add a third Hexlox if your seat is fixed with two bolts. Single Hexlox, click here

Please note that Hexlox only works with steel bolts.

If your Hex bolt/bolts are Aluminium, Stainless Steel or Titanium you need to add a Magnetic Insert to your order, found here: HERE