Anti Theft Single Speed Set / Fixed Gear Set


HEXNUT are for securing wheels.
On this page you find sets of HEXNUT for 
Single Speed/ Fixed Gear Urban Riders

Wheel security everyday, everywhere!
The Hexnut is a replacement for standard wheel nuts & track nuts on threaded axles/ threaded studs. Fits also all Shimano Alfine/ Rohloff hubs with hub nut. Replace your existing wheel nuts (front and rear) with Hexnut. 

Single Speed / Fixed Gear SET SECURITY includes:
2x Hexnut, one per wheel (choose size and color) 
2x Hexlox, silver

1x Hexlox Key
1 x Key Card
      weather caps, machined serrated washers

The Single Speed / Fixed Gear STANDARD SET includes everything that you need for total wheel anti-theft protection. Only one Hexnut per wheel with one Hexlox is enough for security.  After installation the Hexnut is secured with one 6mm Hexlox (included).
This set also can be used to secure only one wheel but on both sides.


Single Speed / Fixed Gear SET SYMMETRY includes:
4 Hexnut, two per wheel (choose size and color)
4x Hexlox, silver 
1x Key
1 x Key Card
      weather caps, machined serrated washers

The Single Speed / Fixed Gear ADVANCED SET with two Hexnut on both sides per wheel. This Set will satisfy your need for symmetrie. You also gain the benefit of not having to use a wrench anymore!

Axle diameter:
9,00 mm  - M9 (front wheel single speed)
9,53mm   - 3/8  (Shimano Alfine / Nexus)
10,0mm   - M10 (Rear wheel single speed, Rohloff, NuVinci, BionX)


The Hexnut is threaded exactly the same as your existing wheel nut.
It tightens with a 6mm Allen Key / hex wrench.
  • anti-theft for front and rear wheels
  • only 1 required per wheel for full security.
  • includes machined serrated washer and spacers
  • equipped with a spinning stainless steel security ring 
  • secure against pliers, vise grips, hammer etc
  • no more carrying around a spanner / wrench in your tool kit (2 per wheel)
  • high torque max 45Nm