Universal Seat-Post Security Set M6 & M8

This Hexlox Bolt Set can secure integrated Seat-Post Clamps and any Seat Post Clamp with Quick Release lever


  • secures seat post
  • quick and easy conversion
  • use clamp on your bike
  • replaces any existing binder bolts what are these?

If you do have a Hex Bolt, but the head is exposed so it could be loosened by a pair of pliers, and you are in a high risk area, we suggest to replace it.

M6 Bolt uses 4mm Hexlox  (4mm Hexlox NOT included)
M8 Bolt uses 5mm Hexlox  (5mm Hexlox NOT included)

Which size do I need?
M6 - when a 5mm Allen Key fits into your integrated clamp/ quick release clamp. Fits all seat-post clamps with quick release lever, lamps and M6 integrated seat-post binder bolt setups

M8 - when a 6mm Allen Key fits into your integrated clamp

The set includes
- conical stainless steel security nut
- bolts in four different length (25mm,30mm, 35m, 40mm)
- one wave washer for perfect fit for use one quick release clamps, M6 variant only