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Seat-Post Binder Bolt (quick release & integrated seat post clamps)

seat-post bolt for use with Hexlox
works with integrated seat-post binder bolt, 
also replaces quick release lever on seat-post clamps

replaces any existing binder bolts what are these?

if you do have a Hex Bolt, but the head is exposed so it could be loosened by a pair of pliers, and you are in a high risk area, we suggest to replace it.

M6 Bolt uses 4mm Hexlox (NOT included)
M8 Bolt uses 5mm Hexlox (NOT included)

Which size do I need?
M6 - when a 5mm Allen Key fits into your integrated clamp/ quick release clamp
M8 - when a 6mm Allen Key fits into your integrated clamp

the set includes
one security nut
bolts in four different length (25mm,30mm, 35m, 40mm)
one wave washer for use one quick release clamps