Universal Any Steel Hex Bolt Security Set

The "genius" aspect of the already very smart Hexlox Anti-Theft System is that you can use it with ANY steel hex bolts that you might already have. The Hexlox insert fits into the socket of your existing hex bolt and blocks anyone from loosening that bolt with an Allen Key/Hex Wrench. If you need to replace your bolts, just ask us or check our bolt section, we stock a very large selection of high quality hex bolts.

Our customers are using Hexlox to secure and get anti theft for:
Solar panels, boat motors, outdoor gym equipment, land rover defender doors, vw california bike racks, airgun equipment, outdoor pumps, audi car seats, tv wall units, machinery equipment, led trailer lights, truck spare tires and much much more.

Together with the Hexlox Key - and your personal and secret Hexlox Key Code - the Hexlox protects your bolt. Hexlox can protect virtually any steel hex bolts on the market against tampering.

It's really that simple!

    • Hexlox - Just pick how many Hexlox you need in the drop-down menu above

      1 x Hexlox Key - You will get 1 coded Hexlox Key with your order

      1 x Hexlox Keycard - Contains your personal & secret Hexlox KeyCode