Bike Wheel Lock on Café Racer bicycle

Protect The Parts On Your Café Racer Against Theft - With Hexlox

A shiny new toy - What's not to love?
We know the feeling of wanting the best-of-the-best, seriously!

Here and there on our site we have hinted at that we at Hexlox are on the geeky side when it comes to bike tech. Full disclosure, we are really geeky! We do have a very soft spot for shiny and new bikes and the feeling of knowing that you have sourced the best-of-the-best parts for your pride and joy.

We at Hexlox ride to work - every day - and during the weekend most of us are out exploring local roads, trails (and cafés 😉 ).

Hexlox is a Berlin-based bike security company. Our anti-theft system for bike parts is designed and manufactured in security conscious Germany. We understand the special needs of all types of bikers when it comes to protecting their bike parts against theft.

Select the parts you'd like to protect against theft

Protect Your Wheels

Hexlox can protect your wheels... No matter if you have Quick Release, Nuts or Thru-axles...

Protect your saddle & seat post - and much more...

Hexlox can protect your Saddle, Seatpost, Handlebar, Stem, Pedals - and virtually anything else fastened with a steel hex bolt.