Hexlox Saddle & Wheel Lock FAQ

Hexlox Basics

The Hexlox is a small stainless steel insert that fits into the already existing hex steel bolts on your bike. By inserting the Hexlox you block access to the hex bolt so any potential thief, equipped with a hex wrench or Allen key, simply cannot unfasten the bolt and steal your part. Your Hexlox is paired to a coded Hexlox Key, so only you can lock and unlock your bike part.

Hexlox can protect virtually any part of your bike - wheels, saddle & seat post, handlebar & stem, pedals, lights, and more with an elegant and almost weightless solution.

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Security & Safety

There is no lock in the world which is 100% safe. All lock companies design and manufacture to combat opportunity theft, including us.

However, since 2011 our engineers have studied component locks, and the tools and techniques used by thieves to penetrate them. HEXLOX underwent rigorous tests against the following - Powerful magnets, tweezers, needle nose pliers, gator/vise grip, hammer, liquid ice, hacksaw, screw driver etc. For us it was important that the HEXLOX would match the security level we would like to have on our own bikes.

Additional testing have also been done against high powered magnets, medical tweezers, tooth picks. We are extremely confident that a thief, on seeing HEXLOX, will keep walking, so you can keep riding.

Most bike-part thefts are opportunity-driven, which means that someone passes a bike, sees that it's poorly secured, and jumps on the opportunity to steal it - or the parts. Hexlox try to frustrate the thief so much that he/she simply gives up and moves on and we believe we do a good job at this.

The Hexlox Key has a 3 digit code, another Hexlox owner with a different key code can NOT open your Hexlox.

Your Order - Your Key - When you place an order, all of the Keys and Hexlox (#4mm, #5mm or #6mm) in your order come with the same 3 digit key code and will all work with each other, so you need just 1 key for all of your Hexlox.

But you can order a spare or replacement key at any time. Just quote your code, or use your email address.

It's also worth mentioning that our back-end system doesn't allow us to sell single Hexlox Keys, unless you’re an already existing customer, and then you have to provide us with your keycode.

NO. We have played with the polarity and shielded the magnet.The Hexlox is held into your Bolt via a magnet.... But the key does NOT use magnetic force to remove the Hexlox, there is a mechanical bond.
See here: Can a Magnet Remove Hexlox

Please note! Hexlox works in magnetic steel bolts. If your bolt is non-magnetic (Stainless Steel, Titanium, Aluminum) Hexlow will not work. In that case simply replace your non-magnetic bolt with a normal steel bolt, or use the Hexlox for Non- Magnetic Bolts

Most bolts sit inside a recess and are therefore safe. However, if your bolt head is sitting proud, where pliers can clamp the outside of the head, let us know and we will send you our special cone headed bolts. For this, please provide us with the diameter of the thread and length of the bolt.

Bolts & Sizes

A bolt that is tightened by a Allen Key or Hex Wrench - see here

YES! It does not matter what bike you have, Hexlox can secure ANY Saddle, almost any Wheel, and almost any other part of your bike. If you do not have a Hex Bolt, we have replacement Hardware here.

To quickly and easily select the correct product take our user friendly Selection Helper

Regular Hexlox ONLY work in Magnetic bolts (Steel Bolts), for NON MAGNETIC Bolts you will need our Hexlox for None Magnetic Bolts

We have easy-to-follow step by step installation instructions and video links included in your order, preview them here.

Yes, all the bolts on your bike are fastened by 1 of 3 Hex key sizes. The HEXLOX come in these 3 standard sizes - Hex key size: 4mm, 5mm and 6mm.To determine the size you need, stick an allen key in the bolt, and the size is engraved on the side on the allen key. The key can be used to open all your 3 sizes.

Yes, our installation instructions cover this. Excess rust and debris must be cleaned out and an allen key must fit freely and easy into the bolt.

Currently you need to replace your bolt or purchase our Hexlox for None Magnetic Bolts If a magnet is not attracted to your bolt you will need to replace the bolt or purchase the Magnetic Insert. 

No, we use the highest grade rust-proof 316 stainless steel.

However, like all bike parts Hexlox needs some minimal tender loving care. Remove the Hexlox from time to time and clean out the socket from dirt and grime. Add a drop of oil into the socket. Done.


No Problem! Just order our newly released HexNut

Yes. But you must replace the Quick Release for a normal skewer bolt. For this we recommend our extra secure HexSkewers which comes with security features and beautiful minimalistic design. Just let us know and we can supply the correct bolt with your order. For Seat Posts Quick Release, please order our Seat Post Bolt which will replace your Quick Release.


Even if your bike is not that valuable or doesn't have very expensive parts it still sucks having parts stolen - You know what we mean if you ever tried to ride home without a saddle. Also, we believe that most people prefer to not have their parts stolen and avoid having to go through the hassle of making a police report, contacting insurance companies, and buying new parts. 

In the end, the question to ask yourself is - how much is your own time worth? 😉

All Hexlox are produced in Berlin, Germany.

Before going to market via a Kickstarter campaign in 2016 our founders had spent several years refining the design and concept. Hexlox is a high-quality anti-theft system with a German mindset and we are constantly working on refining and developing the concept. Our aim is to strike a balance of high quality, excellent customer service, and competitive pricing.

Less than 0.5 of a gram


Unfortunately, the Brexit agreement means that some of our UK customers might have to pay additional Import Taxes. This is an developing issue and we will update this thread as we receive more info. As always, feel free to contact us at support@hexlox.com if you have any questions.


If you need additional help or have questions, email us at support@hexlox.com