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A Saddle for All Seasons: My International Test Ride

Over the last half-year, my quest for the perfect saddle took me across continents and through a gamut of weather conditions. From the bustling streets of Berlin to the serene landscapes of Stockholm and the unpredictable weather of London, my saddle and I have weathered it all. Here's an in-depth look at my journey. 


The Ultimate Durability Test

The saddle's first trial came with the summer's heat as I navigated the gritty roads of Berlin. The city's diverse terrain, from cobblestone alleys to smooth bike lanes, offered a thorough testing ground. As autumn rolled in, the falling leaves and damp roads in Stockholm presented a new challenge, testing the saddle's grip and material integrity. Winter was the ultimate test, with a frigid ride in minus 15 degrees through London's outskirts, pushing the saddle's resilience to its limits.

Despite the harsh conditions, wear on the saddle was minimal. This was a pleasant surprise, especially considering my initial skepticism about its durability, particularly in comparison to traditional saddles. The 3D-printed material not only held up exceptionally well but also maintained its aesthetic appeal, debunking my concerns about it looking worn out too quickly.


Comfort Across the Board

Riding comfort is paramount, and this saddle delivered, irrespective of my attire. Whether decked out in professional-grade bib shorts, or in casual wear for a quick commute, the relief was palpable. The design seemed to intuitively offer support where necessary, significantly reducing fatigue and the all-too-common issue of rubbing.

My testing grounds extended beyond the city limits, onto both gravel and paved roads, mimicking the conditions of both arduous commutes and leisurely rides. The saddle's performance remained consistently high across all terrains, a testament to its versatile design and the meticulous attention to detail from its creators.

Design and Aesthetics: More Than Meets the Eye

The saddle isn't just a workhorse; it's a piece of art. The high-quality feel and the intricate attention to detail in its design are immediately noticeable. While the price point is indeed on the higher end, it aligns with the expectations for innovative, 3D-printed saddles, which are known for their advanced engineering and superior comfort.

Setting up the saddle was a breeze, a notable advantage over some of the other high-end saddles I've encountered. Its forgiving nature during adjustments meant that achieving the perfect fit was less about constant tweaking and more about fine-tuning to personal preference. While I advocate for a professional bike fit, especially for those logging in significant miles, the saddle's design does offer some leeway for those who prefer to set it up themselves.


This rather pricey saddle, together with the seat post, was of course secured with Hexlox products.


Flexibility in Form and Function

One of the saddle's most impressive features is its adaptability to various riding positions. Whether I was hunched over in an aggressive stance, pushing through a storm in Berlin, or sitting more upright during a leisurely ride through Stockholm's picturesque trails, comfort was never compromised. This adaptability speaks volumes about the saddle's design, catering to a broad spectrum of riders and riding styles.


Global Testing: From Storms to Sub-Zero Temperatures

The saddle's journey wasn't confined to a single climate or topography. In Berlin, it faced its first major challenge - a massive storm that tested its grip and material resilience. London's sub-zero temperatures presented a different challenge, questioning the saddle's ability to maintain performance and comfort in extreme cold. Through it all, the saddle remained unphased, its performance unfaltering.

The Verdict: A Saddle for the Seasoned and the Seekers

After months of rigorous testing, the saddle has proven itself to be more than just a component; it's a reliable companion for the avid cyclist. Its ability to withstand varied environmental conditions, coupled with its comfort and durability, sets it apart from its contemporaries.

 For those in the cycling community constantly in search of the perfect saddle, this might just be the end of the road. Its performance across different countries, weather conditions, and terrains has been nothing short of impressive. As I look forward to more rides, the saddle remains a pivotal part of my setup, promising comfort and reliability.

As we gear up for more adventures, whether in the heart of the city or the solitude of the countryside, the search for the perfect saddle might just be over. For cyclists who've traversed the length and breadth of the saddle market, this one offers a fresh perspective – a blend of innovative design, unmatched durability, and universal comfort.

So, as the weekend beckons and the open road calls, I find myself eager to embark on new journeys, knowing well that my trusty saddle is up for the challenge. It's not just about the rides we've had but the many more to come. And in this saddle, I've found a resilient, comfortable, and reliable partner for the road ahead.

Marcus, CEO Hexlox