Fixed Axle Wheel / Single Speed / Fixie SET

Fixed Axle Wheel / Single Speed / Fixie SET

Fixed Axle Wheel / Single Speed / Fixie SET


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For total wheel anti-theft protection, replace your existing Wheel Nuts front and rear with HexNuts - Anti-Theft Track Nut Set.

The HexNut is threaded exactly the same as your existing wheel nut.
It tightens with a 6mm Allen Key / Hex Wrench.
Once the HexNut is installed, secure against theft with the #6mm Hexlox
  • Anti-theft for Front and Rear Wheels
  • Only 1 required per wheel for full security.
  • Includes machined Serrated Washer and spacers
  • Includes Chrome all-weather cap
  • Equipped with a spinning Stainless Steel Security Ring 
  • Secure against pliers, vise grips, hammer etc
  • No more carrying around a Spanner / Wrench in your tool kit!
  • Simple installation 
  • High Torque


    Set Includes

    • 2x HexNut (regular sizes):
    • Front Wheel Nut = M9 x 1mm * 
    • Rear Wheel Nut = M10 x 1mm
    • 2x 6mm Hexlox
    • 1x Coded Key
    • 1x Coded Key Card + online key registration 
    • Chrome Magnetic Cap
    • Machined serrated washer



    Front Wheel Fits ALL front wheels *exceptions: Super high end hubs like Miche, VanMoof, DuraAce could have an M10 also on the front. To check, see if there is a small size difference between your axles. Or remove your Front Wheel Nut and see if it fits onto your Rear Wheel Hub. If it DOES, add the note 'FRONT AND REAR M10' to your order.
    Rear Wheel M10 also compatible for BionX, Rohloff, Copenhagen Wheel. For Shimano Alfine/Nexus add the note 'REAR NUT M3/8' to your order.
    Quick Release wheels If you have a Quick Release, add the note 'FRONT QR' or 'FRONT AND REAR QR' to your order.