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Fixie Wheel Anti Theft Set

The Hexnut is designed for Single speed/ Fixed gear urban riders.
The main benefit would be to the rider reducing the number of tools they'll need.

With the Hexnut needing a 6mm Allen key to tighten/untighten, the rider only needs to carry a small multi-tool with no need to carry a 15mm spanner.

The Hexnut has a rotating outer shell so even if a thief does try to clamp a tool on the Hexnut, it will turn but it will not unfasten the bolt from the wheel! 
We provide a serrated washer per Hexnut and this should be installed with the jagged side racing the hub! You will always find some extra washers just in case your axle is a little longer than the thread in the Hexnut but for track bikes, the serrated washer should be sufficient. 

Once you have replaced all your bolts all you need to do is install your Hexlox. 2 Hexlox are provided, one for each wheel! I like to install mine on the none drive side. The main Benefit of the Hexlox is you no longer have to carry cables and extra locks for your wheels and components.

  • Includes machined Serrated Washer and spacers
  • Includes Chrome all-weather cap
  • Equipped with a spinning Stainless Steel Security Ring
  • Secure against pliers vise grips hammer etc 
  • High Torque MAX 45Nm