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Special Deal!

Fixie/Single Wheel Security Set

We have created an alternative to the common track nut.

It is designed to be tightened with a 6mm Allen key, a size commonly included on your multitool!

No need to carry your 15mm spanner when you're out riding! 
These paired with our Hexlox give you a sleek anti theft system.

We offer 2 packages:
1. The security package - 1 Hexnut and 1 Hexlox per wheelset, as this is all that is needed to completely secure your wheel to your bike

2. Ditch the 15mm spanner package - 4 x Hexnuts, 2 per wheel and 2 x Hexlox one per wheel

  • Includes machined Serrated Washer and spacers
  • Includes Chrome all-weather cap
  • Equipped with a spinning Stainless Steel Security Ring
  • Secure against pliers vise grips hammer etc 
  • High Torque MAX 45Nm